Arizona Smart Home Technology

We have dedicated our company to the design, installation and integration of today’s most popular automation, lighting, surveillance, and home theater systems with the option of voice control. Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, the experts at Modern are here to help along every step of the way. Our experienced team is dedicated to 5 star customer service from the first phone call; and put the same level of detail and care into every project – large or small to ensure you get the best possible experience from the design stage to completion. The smart home products we use are private, which means your personal information will not be marketed or shared with third parties. We believe that responsibility and trust make a house a home, so we use products that are engineered to continually enhance your protection. Contact us today to learn more about the smart home products that will work best in your home.

Home Automation Company

Today’s intelligent homes deserve today’s best automation technology. Imagine precise control and monitoring of your surveillance cameras, thermostats, garage doors and locks all from a single application. Imagine the convenience of a single button to turn off all the lights, TV’s, audio equipment, and close all of your motorized shades with a single click. With Modern Smart Home, these scenarios are not just a possability… but rather standard protocol with our complete automation packages. Today’s home automation systems are compatible with a stunning array of smart home technology; ranging from entertainment to comfort, lighting and home security. This adds a level of convenience and safety to your life that until now, has never been achievable.

Voice Control for Home

The smart homes of today share incredible simularities to the sci-fi movies of yester-year, allowing instant control of nearly all creature comforts with a single app, handheld remote, motion detection… and now voice control! Even though today’s popular voice assistants can integrate with most consumer lighting and audio/video products, it does come at a cost – your PRIVACY. Josh A.I. provides a safe, secure voice assistant option for your home that keeps all of your information untracked and completely private. You now have the ability to adjust the temperature, close your motorized shades, watch your favorite Netflix show, and dim the lights all with a single voice command. Now imagine this convenience without all the advertisements, pop ups, and surprising search results in your web browser. If you dont like addressing your system with “Hey Josh” you can instead say, “Hey Home” to activate your voice control assistant. Josh A.I. voice control systems are built around a natural speech algorithym, making communication with your smart home as easy (and safe) as talking to a friend.

Smart Lighting Solutions

It can be overwhelming seaching for a smart lighting solution for your home. Our team of lighting designers will help get you on the right track to ensure your home’s lighting will meet your personal needs while standing the test of time. We offer complete lighting solutions by trusted brands like Control4, Lutron, and Philips Hue so you can count on a system that delivers an array of capabilities. Wake up in the morning with lights that ramp up gradually in your room instead of a blasting alarm. With a new smart lighting system installed in your home, you’ll enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of whole-home control in addition to instant access to your favorite “scenes”. Instantly transform your home’s ambiance from “Dinner Time” to “Movie Time” with a single touch. In addition to standard lighting, dimmers, smart outlets and fan controls, we have options for under-cabinet lighting, art lighting, soffit lighting and even vibrant colored lighting for your home theater, kids rooms, or every room in your home.

Automated Comfort Controls

Installing automated comfort features like smart thermostats and motorized shades will add both convenience and energy efficiency to your new smart home. Enjoy instant access to your home’s temperature controls and window coverings right from the palm of your hand, even when you’re away. This adds effeciency and convenience to your home. Create a truly modern smart home that operates as needed based on the outside temperature, time of day, or even pre-defined motion & occupancy settings. Effortlessly manage your pool or spa controls, turn down the air conditioning or open all the shades all from one single location. Comfort settings can be completely automated or manually accessed via your mobile device, wall keypads or right from your TV screen with the included handheld remote.

Security & Surveillance Systems

We provide security and surveillance solutions that can be accessed from wherever you are, ensuring that your property and your family are safe at all times. We utulize cameras that have a 2 way talk feature and full color at night. Add smart door locks and motion sensors to surveillance cameras and your video doorbell system so you can keep an eye on all aspects of your home right from your mobile device. Best of all, no more switching between apps on your phone to get to all of these different features. Our home automation solutions seamlessly integrate all of these products into one easy-to-use app, giving you peace of mind wherever you may be. Imagine the ability to lock up the house, arm your security system and close all the garage doors with a single button press. That’s modern convenience at it’s best! We have complete surveillance packages available for stand-alone systems as well as fully integrated Control4 smart home systems.

Home Networking & WiFi

A fast, reliable network is the foundation of every modern smart home. We specialize in enterprise-grade home networks that can handle today’s most straining technology demands like video streaming and gaming across multiple devices. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system or build a new network from scratch, you can trust that Modern will get it handled. We use trusted brands like Araknis and Packedge to ensure compatability, connectivity and longevity of your home network. Many new homes come pre-wired for a home network directly from the builder. This makes installation a relatively quick, streamline process and cuts down dramatically in cost and complexity. If you’re planning on adding an automation system to your home, it is best practice to hard-wire as many devices as possible for the most reliable and secure connection. We have complete network packages in both standard and premium options available for any size home or estate.

Audio/Video Installation Services

At Modern, we provide a full range of residential & commercial audio and video installation services to acommodate any of your home theater, surround sound or media distribution needs. Whether you’re looking to build a dedicated home cinema room with Dolby atmos surround with a TV or projector installation, or you’re looking for a simple multi-room audio solution, we would be happy to help! From prewiring to final installation, our expert installers have the experience and knowledge you can trust when it comes to your home or business audio/video. Reach out to one of our four Valley locations today to get started with your next audio or video install.

Home Theater Rooms

Whether you’re transforming your living room, or building out a dedicated theater room, you will appreciate the workmanship and pride we take in our work. A home theater room is your happy place, your escape… and we understand! All of our team members have home theaters so we know the intricies that make a home theater special! We put the same effort and detail into our customer’s home theaters’ as we do our very own, and it shows. We can handle everything from the initial prewire for audio, video, data and lighting – to your final installation. We strive for perfection – from every speaker, lighting fixture, projector & screen to big screen TV. Enjoy crisp, clear Dolby atmos 3D immersive audio combined with vibrant, realistic Dolby vision for a truly modern home theater experience.

Arizona Surround Sound

Home audio has changed dramatically over the last several years; and as you would imagine, so has the end user’s experience. Today’s surround sound systems not only deliver an amazing experience in the theater room, but can also power any number of speakers around the rest of your home by utilizing the Multi-Zone feature. The most common type of surround setup we install in new-builds include in-ceiling speakers for the main channels with a medium-sized in-room subwoofer. Typical configurations for this type of system are 5.1 and 7.1, but can always be expanded or customized to your personal preferences. We offer complete in-ceiling surround packages available in both basic and premium options. If you already have a built-in surround system, we can easily upgrade your components while still utilizing your existing wiring. Reach out today if you’re considering adding surround sound to your home.

Expert TV Installation

Our company provides a full array of residential and commercial TV installation services around the East Valley and surrounding areas. We can securely mount any brand or size TV onto any surface type; including drywall, brick, stucco, shiplap, stone, and more. Fireplace installations are one of the most popular types of installations in modern homes. Cozy up by your fire (in the winter) and watch your favorite movie with your family with the beautiful ambience of your fireplace. We carry a full selection of TV mounting brackets to accommodate nearly any scenario in and outdoors. We carry outdoor rated direct and partial sunlight exposure by Sunbright Outdoor TV’s. Add a power outlet behind your TV and run your data cables inside the wall with our complete cable concealment package for a clean, modern esthetic in nearly any place in your home. Whether you have multiple TV’s, a complex outdoor oasis project, or adding your TV to your fireplace the experts at Modern would be happy to provide you with a secure and beautiful installation. Contact one of our four East Valley locations today to schedule your TV installation appointment. We can often provide same and next day service.

Distributed Audio/Video

Imagine listening to your favorite playlist throughout your entire home, or watching the big game in 4K across every TV in the house. With an audio/video distribution system, this dream has finally become a reality! At Modern, we have whole-house audio and video distribution systems to accommodate nearly any project or budget. If you’re considering adding a whole-house audio system with installed speakers throughout or a 4K video distribution system, our team would be happy to discuss your options. From a simple, single-source setup to a complete video/audio matrix, you can enjoy crystal clear audio synced with video throughout your entire home; all controlled from the palm of your hand. Video and audio distribution is a perfect choice

Outdoor Audio, Video & Lighting

Bring your favorite smart home features right into your backyard with an outdoor audio, video with gorgeous lighting features. Whether you’re just looking to add a standalone TV on your patio or you want to create a prestigous hotel experience feel with a complete audio and video distribution with a pop of lighting throughout your backyard area – our team of expert integrators will bring your vision to life! Choose from a selection of rock speakers or low-profile landscape speakers to fit your yard’s decor. In-ceiling speakers are great for covered patio areas while atrium speakers project sound well into your backyard space and can often be integrated with your outdoor TV audio. Never miss a play when you’re watching the big game. Enjoy crystal clear, delay-free audio throughout your property. With brands like Control4, Sonos and Klipsch, you can trust that you’re investing in a backyard solution that will stand the test of time in our extreme Arizona summers. In addition to audio/video, we provide automated backyard lighting solutions that will truly light up your life. Enjoy traditional lighting control, or add vibrant colors to your backyard landscaping to create the perfect ambiance. Reach out today to get started making your home a modern smart home!

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