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Control4 Smart Lighting

Control4 smart lighting opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly manage and customize your home’s lighting with ease. Say goodbye to traditional switches and hello to a seamless, integrated lighting experience that adapts to your needs and preferences.

Revolutionize Your Home with Control4 Smart Lighting

Control4 smart lighting revolutionizes your home by introducing a new level of convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Our home automation systems provide effortless control capabilities, allowing you to curate the perfect ambiance for every occasion. Imagine effortlessly dimming the lights, setting customized lighting scenes, and adjusting the color temperature—all with a single touch or simple voice command.

Practical Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

The advantages of smart lighting extend beyond mere aesthetics, delivering practical benefits as well. Utilize scheduling features to program your lights to turn on and off at specific times, creating the illusion of occupancy and enhancing your home’s security. Additionally, integrate your lighting system with other smart home features, such as motion sensors and audio systems, for a truly interconnected experience.

Control4 lighting empowers you to personalize and optimize your lighting environment, providing unmatched comfort, energy savings, and an enhanced overall ambiance within your home.

Control4 Daylight Feature

Sophisticated Control with Control4 Wireless Lighting Devices

Control4 wireless lighting devices represent a sophisticated blend of convenience, elegance, and efficiency for any smart home. With options including dimmers, keypads, outlets, and fan controls, these devices offer comprehensive solutions for lighting and appliance management.

Customizable Lighting and Appliance Management

  • Dimmers: Adjust lighting levels to match the mood or time of day, enhancing ambiance while reducing energy consumption.
  • Customizable Keypads: Provide one-touch control of multiple lights or scenes, allowing you to change the atmosphere of a room instantly.
  • Smart Outlets: Turn any standard device into a smart one, offering remote control of plugged-in appliances and lamps for added convenience and energy savings.
  • Fan Controls: Seamlessly integrate into the system, allowing for the adjustment of fan speeds to contribute to a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Together, these Control4 wireless lighting devices bring unparalleled control and sophistication to any home, transforming daily living into an experience of comfort and luxury.

Vibrant Linear LED Lighting

Effortless Lighting Control with Control4 Automation

Control4 automation offers a plethora of options to effortlessly control and manipulate your home’s lighting. With a simple touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily adjust the brightness, color, and even create custom lighting scenes to establish the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Unrivaled Flexibility and Convenience

Thanks to Control4’s intuitive app, you can command individual lights or groups of lights throughout your entire home, granting you unrivaled flexibility and convenience. Additionally, Control4 provides remarkable scheduling capabilities, allowing you to automate your lighting to turn on or off at specific times, thereby boosting energy efficiency and reinforcing home security, especially when you’re away.

Personalized and Dynamic Environments

With Control4 automation, you possess the remarkable ability to effortlessly control and manipulate your home’s lighting, generating personalized and dynamic environments that perfectly align with your unique lifestyle and preferences.

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Modern TV and Audio did the absolute best installation I have ever had done. And I have had many installations over the years. Tessa is very helpful setting things up and the installers did a great job. I appreciate having my old TV being donated to a worthy cause also. Thumbs up all around!

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Enhance Efficiency with Automated Lighting

Adding automated lighting to your smart home can dramatically reduce your power consumption. Access your favorite home lighting scenes with just one touch. Instantly transform your entire home by integrating your preferred lighting, audio, video, shade, and comfort settings into any scene.

Control4 wireless dimmer switch lighting control

Dimmers & Switches

Control4 Decora dimmers and switches seamlessly replace your existing lighting and vent fan controls, making it easy to automate your smart home’s light fixtures and vent fans.

Control4 customizable keypad for lighting control

Customized Keypads

Keypads are an excellent way to incorporate lighting scenes, grouped lighting controls, and various audio/video and comfort controls into one simple interface.

Control4 smart outlet for device control

Outlets & Plug-in Dimmers

Smart outlets and plug-in dimmers enable Control4 automation for lamps, floor fans, mister systems, water fountains, and more.

Control4 Wireless Lighting

Revolutionize Your Home Lighting with Control4 Wireless Lighting

Control4 wireless lighting revolutionizes the way you control and interact with your home’s lighting. Enjoy the freedom of wirelessly controlling your lights from anywhere in your home using intuitive interfaces like sleek touchscreen panels, smartphone apps, or voice commands through popular voice assistants. Say goodbye to traditional light switches and embrace the convenience of wireless lighting control.

Why Choose Control4 Lighting?

By adopting Control4 lighting, you unlock a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your daily life:

  • Seamless Integration: Control4 seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices, allowing you to create powerful automation scenarios. Transition effortlessly from day to night by setting your lights to gradually dim, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mood Setting: Hosting a party? Adjust the lighting to set the desired mood and create an immersive experience for your guests with ease.
  • Customizable Schedules and Timers: Automate your lights to turn on and off at specific times, promoting energy efficiency and adding an extra layer of security by simulating occupancy.

Control4 wireless lighting empowers you to personalize your lighting environment with ease, enhancing comfort, convenience, and energy savings throughout your home.

Control4 Centralized Lighting

Sophisticated Control with Control4 Centralized Lighting System

A Control4 centralized lighting system introduces a new level of sophistication and control to your home’s lighting. By centralizing the control of all your lights, you gain effortless command over your entire lighting system from a single, centralized location. This offers the ultimate convenience and flexibility, whether you’re adjusting brightness levels, creating customized scenes, or scheduling lighting presets.

Transitioning from a traditional light switch setup to a centralized lighting system streamlines and simplifies your lighting control, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable home environment.

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