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Outdoor Audio/Video Solutions

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating entertainment oasis with Modern Smart Home’s outdoor audio video installation services. Immerse yourself in high-quality sound and stunning visuals, creating the perfect atmosphere for gatherings, parties, or simply relaxing in your own backyard.

Bring Your Backyard to Life

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the perfect blend of audio, video, and lighting solutions. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound with outdoor audio systems, designed to deliver high-quality music and entertainment throughout your outdoor space. Enhance the ambiance with strategically placed outdoor video displays, creating a captivating visual experience for gatherings or movie nights under the stars.

Take full control of your outdoor environment with smart lighting solutions, allowing you to set the mood, highlight architectural features, or ensure safety and security. With these integrated technologies, you can transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis, adding value to your home and creating unforgettable moments with family and friends. Embrace the ultimate in outdoor entertainment and relaxation, and unlock the full potential of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Audio

Enhance your outdoor living experience with the installation of a state-of-the-art outdoor audio system. Immerse yourself in rich, high-quality sound as you entertain guests, relax by the pool, or host a barbecue. With weather-resistant speakers designed to withstand the elements, you can enjoy your favorite music or create the perfect ambiance in any outdoor setting. Whether it’s a lively get-together or a peaceful evening under the stars, an outdoor audio system brings your backyard to life, adding a touch of luxury and entertainment to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Video

Unleash the full potential of your backyard with outdoor TVs or video systems, adding a touch of luxury and entertainment to your outdoor living space. Whether hosting a game night or enjoying a movie under the stars, these weather-resistant displays bring the cinematic experience right to your patio. With vibrant visuals and high-quality performance, outdoor TVs or video systems create an immersive entertainment hub, allowing you to relax and enjoy your favorite content while creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. Embrace the outdoors like never before and transform your backyard into a captivating entertainment destination with these cutting-edge technologies.

Outdoor Lighting & Comfort

Enhance your outdoor space with Control4 lighting and comfort controls, revolutionizing the way you enjoy and manage your outdoor environment. With intuitive landscape lighting controls, you can effortlessly set the perfect mood and highlight architectural features, creating a stunning visual impact. Take full control of your pool and spa with convenient controls, allowing you to adjust temperature, lighting, and water features with ease. Stay cool on hot summer days with automated mister and fan operation, providing refreshing comfort at your fingertips. By integrating these technologies, you not only elevate your outdoor living experience but also add significant value to your home. Embrace the convenience, ambiance, and luxury that Control4 brings to your outdoor space, and unlock the full potential of your outdoor oasis.

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What Our Customers Say

Great work for installing my new flat screen TV and speakers. Before I found this company, I did look for other companies that offer this kind of services. Unfortunately, most of them are quite pricey. But with Modern TV & Audio, I was able to avail an affordable service from them that exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

Nor Casan

Google review

I reached out to a couple companies in town for estimates for our backyard audio situation. Modern TV & Audio were the most responsive and were at our house ASAP for an estimate. They fit us in their schedule right away and delivered above and beyond. They are very transparent and flexible, no hard sells and super honest. They will definitely be doing any work we need in the future and will recommend them to everyone.

Matt Merzulo

Google review

Modern TV and Audio did the absolute best installation I have ever had done. And I have had many installations over the years. Tessa is very helpful setting things up and the installers did a great job. I appreciate having my old TV being donated to a worthy cause also. Thumbs up all around!

Michael Hale

Google review

Backyard Audio Video Systems

Elevate your outdoor entertainment with an array of options for an exceptional audio or video system installed by Modern Smart Home. Choose from a wide selection of weather-resistant outdoor speakers that deliver immersive, high-fidelity sound to every corner of your outdoor space. Experience the richness and depth of your favorite music or thrilling movie soundtracks while enjoying the fresh air. Additionally, explore our range of outdoor TVs, designed to withstand the elements and provide stunning visuals for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Whether hosting a lively gathering or enjoying a peaceful evening, these top-of-the-line options bring entertainment to the next level, while simultaneously increasing the value of your property. Embrace the luxury and convenience of an outdoor audio or video system, and transform your outdoor space into a captivating haven that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Every Space is Unique

Modern Smart Home understands that your outdoor space is unique, which is why we offer a variety of options for your audio or video system, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. From sleek in-ground speakers that blend seamlessly into your landscaping to discreet wall-mounted speakers that deliver exceptional sound without sacrificing aesthetics, we have the perfect solution to complement your outdoor design.

Our range of outdoor TVs features the latest technology, including vibrant displays, high resolutions, and durable construction, ensuring optimal performance in any weather condition. By investing in an outdoor audio or video system, you not only enhance your personal enjoyment and relaxation, but also add substantial value to your property. Create an unforgettable outdoor entertainment experience, indulge in luxurious comfort, and increase the desirability and worth of your home with a customized solution from Modern Smart Home.

Creating the Perfect “Smart Yard”

Unlock the full potential of your backyard oasis with Control4 automation, expertly installed by Modern Smart Home. Seamlessly control your audio, video, lighting, misters, fans, and pool/spa controls all from one convenient interface. Experience unparalleled convenience as you effortlessly adjust the ambiance, create the perfect entertainment environment, and set the ideal temperature for relaxation.

Not only does Control4 automation enhance your daily life, but it also adds significant value to your home. The integrated features and advanced technology make your property more desirable and marketable, ensuring a higher resale value in the future. Embrace the luxury, convenience, and increased worth that Control4 automation brings to your back yard, and create an extraordinary living experience that will impress both you and future buyers.

Smart Home Integration

Modern Smart Home understands the importance of seamlessly integrating all aspects of your outdoor space. With Control4 automation, you have the power to control and customize your audio, video, lighting, misters, fans, and pool/spa controls effortlessly. Transform your backyard into an entertainment haven by synchronizing your audio and video systems, creating immersive experiences for family and friends. Set the mood with dynamic lighting options, highlight key features, and create a stunning ambiance for gatherings or relaxation. The convenience of controlling misters, fans, and pool/spa controls at your fingertips adds an extra layer of comfort to your outdoor lifestyle. Moreover, the added value that Control4 automation brings to your home cannot be overstated. Potential buyers will be captivated by the integrated smart features, enhancing the appeal and marketability of your property. Enjoy the benefits now and secure a prosperous future with Control4 automation installed by Modern Smart Home.

What would your perfect smart yard look like? How about customized colored landscape and accent lighting? What about delay-free 4K video and high resolution audio piped throughout your property, perfectly synced with your indoor TVs and audio zones. Would you enjoy instant access to every Audio, Video, Security and Comfort related device in your home, all in one single app? Call the Outdoor Automation experts at Modern Smart Home for a “smart yard” quote today.

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